Hey there! I’m Tim, a French lecturer at the University of Lorraine in France and a consultant for the University of Luxembourg. I am currently working on the development of a Moodle Starter Pack and of a CPD program targeting educators’ digital competences.

Simultaneously, I am finishing the development phase of an Erasmus project that aims at giving students, who want to study in one of the partner university, all the documentation they need to have a sound experience during their mobility. I will take the role of supervising teacher for the months to come and will have the responsibility of the German speaking students who want to come to a French speaking University.

My final role is lecturer at the language centre of the University of Lorraine. There I teach French and a bit of English, do counselling for new language learners and try as much as possible to innovate in teaching methods. Therefore, I created a project for learning languages with video games. I am doing weekly sessions with students in French and English to get them to understand why video games is a perfect media to understand languages and concepts. My idea for the future is to create tandems between universities to get students to play cooperative games in each other’s language so they can engage in problem solving together in an informal and safe way to get them to learn with the focused objective of winning the game and learning languages.

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