Hi everyone! I am Mia, and I am looking forward to seeing you all soon at Coventry and MozFest. I am Associate Professor in the School of English Studies at Kean University in NJ, USA. As a scholar of Electronic Literature and a digital humanist, I am an educator who advocates for #ConnectedLearning and open networked education.

I have co-created “Networked Narratives” @NetNarr – a global open online connected course (w/Alan Levine aka @cogdog). #NetNarr is a journey into the worlds of digital art, video games, and electronic literature – seeking to understand the transformative magic that resides in collaborative making, composing, and writing on the open web. I have also co-facilitated connected learning collaborations such as “”Connected Courses”” and #CLMOOC.

I am looking forward to telling you more about a current project entitled “Equity Unbound” (@unboundeq #unboundeq) which I have co-created with Catherine Cronin and Maha Bali.  Equity Unbound is an emergent, collaborative curriculum which aims to create equity-focused, open, connected, intercultural learning experiences across classes, countries and contexts.

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