Hi everyone! I am Luca,  a researcher in Coventry University’s Centre for Global Learning, Education and Attainment (GLEA), a newly founded research centre focused on the themes of Equal and Intercultural education.

While working Italy across critical pedagogies, inclusion studies, systems thinking, education technology and participatory methodologies, I earned my doctorate by exploring how people across cultures create games, as a way to pull together all those different strands of my interest.

In the last few years, I’ve been making games with people all around the world, and quite often getting into scuffles with those who would harness games and technology towards subtly telling people what to do and what to learn.

In my current role I work on two main fronts: critical digital capacity building, and exploring how the rules of the global HE “game” (e.g. rankings & metrics) insidiously shape the curriculum, and education as a whole.

As a lifelong gamer, punk-rock fan and avid science-fiction reader, I am inclined to violently reject any “this is how things are” argument.

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