I work in the Research Centre for Global Learning: Equity and Attainment, Coventry University, UK. My research focuses on examining how higher education (HE) institutions are integrating ethical, social, cultural, creative and moral dimensions into the purpose, functions, design and delivery of learning experiences, and the impact that this has on students, staff, strategic partnerships and institutional practices. For the last three years I have been involved in OpenMed a project focused on widening participation and adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Educational Practices (OEP) as a bottom-up approach to support the modernisation of the HE sector, not only in Morocco, Palestine, Egypt and Jordan, but in our own institutional practices and policy at Cov Uni. This international co-operation project has led to further project work this year, including JOVITAL, which aims to foster academic exchange using virtual mobility through OEP in order to offer innovative learning opportunities to university students and disadvantaged learners in Jordan. In addition, our research within EduHack.eu is currently focused on building a practical, community-focused, capacity building approach to support academics/ learners across Europe, to use the Open Web for both reuse and production of OER.

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