Greetings all! I’m Catherine, an open educator and open researcher. When I meet you in Coventry and at MozFest I’ll be about to start a new job. I’ve been working at the National University of Ireland, Galway for many years, but will start a new role at the end of this month as Strategic Education Developer with the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education.

Generally, my work focuses on open education, critical approaches to openness, digital identity practices, and exploring the interplay between formal and informal learning. I recently completed a PhD on the use of open educational practices (OEP) in higher education. I’ve previously done research in gender and technology and have been active in women and STEM activities for many years. My driving passion is to reducing inequality and to the value of higher education as a public good – all stems from that.

You can find me (often!) on Twitter at @catherinecronin and I share my work and thoughts at Looking forward to meeting you all 🙂

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