I’m many different things! By day and for money I’m the Deputy Director of Learning, Teaching and Web Services at the University of Edinburgh. I’m also a longtime Trustee of the Mansfield Traquair Trust (a building preservation charity), a member of the Board of the Apereo Software Foundation (an open source software foundation focused on education) and a member of the Girl Geek Scotland leadership team (seeking to support women in the tech industry).

I’m interested in all aspects of the open web in all my professional capacities above – from using open platforms and licenses to support access to cultural heritage, through supporting and promoting the adopting of open technologies and practices in education, to ensuring more women are included in the development and direction of open technologies.

I’m one of those elusive learning technologists in a senior leadership position you sometimes hear about…

I blog at https://ammienoot.com and I reckon at least 25% of it makes some sort of sense.

After this event I will make my 5th visit to MozFest in London, so if you are planning to go to I’d love to connect up, and if it’s your first time I’m happy to give you the low-down.

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