The Solutions app is presented as an open educational resource (OER), created to share digital practice at Keele University by demonstrating how educators from across the institution are using technologies for teaching and learning. Inspired by microlearning resources such as #1minuteCPD (Manchester Metropolitan University) and incorporating the 3e Framework (Edinburgh Napier University), the project sets out to address the overwhelming availability of technologies by curating them in collaboration with those who have adopted such tools.

Users are provided with suggestions based on categories that group each app by function. For example, a tutor seeking to make their teaching more interactive might apply the ‘Captivate’ filter, automatically highlighting tools with audience participation features (e.g. polling, quizzes etc). There are 7 filters in total, each offering different solutions based upon pedagogic themes.

The app has been designed flexibly, with dual formats allowing it to exist in ‘closed’ spaces (e.g. embedded within a virtual learning environment), or independently hosted as part of the wider web. For an institution, the resource is envisaged as a waypoint, appearing in a location that is frequently visited by practitioners en route to other online spaces. Therefore providing a channel for bitesize CPD opportunities by sharing practical applications alongside scaffolded activities.

All code is released under a Creative Commons licence and openly published via GitHub to encourage reuse, adaption and collaboration. For more information about the development of this project, please see our presentation from the OER18 conference at https://goo.gl/1W1GgE.


Keele University, UK | https://www.keele.ac.uk. For any questions, feedback or interest in our project, please get in touch via email (d.harding@keele.ac.uk) or Twitter (@danielharding).