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Wikimedia UK supports the Wikimedia in the Classroom program across the UK. This entails a range of classroom engagement with the Wikiprojects, from Wikipedia to Wikicommons and Wikibooks and Wikidata.

We have now grown our experience in co-developing course support with educational institutions, to empower their students’ use of Wikimedia platforms as a digital literacy and information literacy tool. This presentation will focus on important skills and learning outcomes that students can develop by through engagement with Wikiprojects; why there’s increasing interest in Wikimedia in the Classroom; the level or preparatory work necessary before using Wikimedia, and the monetary case for embedding Wikimedia into your classroom materials.

We’ll also look at future developments of Wikimedia in the Classroom courses, as they’re likely to increase in their sophistication (following the current trend), and how strong networks of educators around the Wikiprojects will only increase their efficiency


Presented by Doug Taylor on behalf of Hannah Evans.

Hannah Evans is a Programme Coordinator at Wikimedia UK, the organisation working in partnerships with the cultural and education sectors to unlock content and remove barriers to knowledge. Hannah leads their Wikimedia in the Classroom projects and Wikimedia trainer schemes, aiming to bring together the Wikimedia community and academia in UK.

Hannah came to the Wikimedia movement with a background in volunteer engagement, coordinated the campaigns network for a youth- led international development NGO, and having also worked in the field managing volunteers on a UK Aid youth- citizenship programme in Rajasthan, India.

Wikimedia UK believes that open access to knowledge is a fundamental right, and a driver for social and economic development. A registered charity, we work with the Wikimedia Projects such as Wikipedia to enable people and organisations to contribute to a shared understanding of the world through the democratic creation, distribution and consumption of knowledge. Wikimedia UK works in partnership with organisations from the cultural and education sectors and beyond in order to unlock content, remove barriers to knowledge, develop new ways of engaging with the public and enable learners to benefit fully from the educational potential of the Wikimedia projects. We support the development of open knowledge in the UK, by increasing understanding and recognition of the value of open knowledge and advocating for change at an organisational, sectoral and public policy level.