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The design and learning principles of “Connected Learning” emerged from a 3-year culture study of how youth learn when networked in digitally rich and connected environments (Ito, et al, 2012). Join me in this session as I share the foundational “Connected Learning” principles, and feature stories from key #connectedlearning networks I have co-designed in order to facilitate intercultural learning and collaboration between classes in different parts of the world.

My case study accounts include two open online learning networks: “Equity Unbound” or #unboundeq (co-designed and facilitated with Maha Bali & Catherine Cronin) and “Networked Narratives” or #NetNarr (co-designed and facilitated with Alan Levine).  In particular, I will share insight on critical infrastructuring for connected learning – an ongoing creative process of fully integrating participants into the experiences of indeterminate and unpredictable collaboration and community formation.




Mia Zamora @MiaZamoraPhD (Kean University, NJ, USA) is Associate Professor in the School of English Studies and director of the MA in Writing Studies program and Kean University Writing Project. Mia is a scholar of Electronic Literature and a digital humanist and educator who advocates for #ConnectedLearning and open networked education. Together with Alan Levine aka @cogdog), Mia created “Networked Narratives” #NetNarr, a journey into the worlds of digital art, video games, and electronic literature, seeking to understand the transformative magic that resides in collaborative making, composing, and writing on the open web. See